Langtang Treks

Langtang RangePraised as "One of the world's most beautiful valleys" by Harold Tilman, a British national and the first ever westerner to explore the region, Langtang valley posseses superb landscape.

Allocated just 70 kms. North of Kathmandu, easily accessible, Langtang region is yet another charming destination for the adventurers. The area was planned in 1971 to be the first Himalayan National Park in Nepal and in 1976 was designated as the 2nd largest National Park in Nepal. Langtang Valley (3420m), the main destination of the trekkers, is surrounded by a range of captivating peaks; Langtang Lirung (7246m) to the north, Dorje Lakpa (6966m) to the east, Gang Chhenpo (6388m) and Naya Kangri (5846m) to the south. Langtang Lirung was first ascended in 1978 by a combination of Nepalese & Japanese team. Towards north of the valley and beyond the peaks lie Tibet.

The term 'lang' in Tibetan means yak and 'teng' to follow. It is believed that a lama following an escapee yak came across this valley, thus, the name 'Langtang' was given to it. Till this day yaks do inhabit the valley.

The climate in the Langtang region vary from temperate to alpine. The lower lands in the south display flora & fauna of temperate zone; towards the north subalpine, further North alpine flora & fauna cover the area. The area is adorned by flowers such as primulas, gentians, primroses, anemones, geraniums, orchids and a host of others. The Langtang national park has beautiful and healthy forests of rhododendron, fir, blue and chir pine, and birch. Wildlife in the park includes leopard, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, rhesus and langur monkeys, and the endangered red panda.

Magpies, minivets, cuckoos, barbets, hawks and a range of other birds sweep the skies of Langtang region. The Bhote Kosi - Trisuli is an important migratory route for birds travelling between India and Tibet.

People known as Tamang inhabit the Langtang trail. They are of Tibetan lineage and thus practice Budhism as their religion.

Numerous high altitude lakes are scattered in this area, among them Saraswotikund, Bhairabkund, Suryakund and the most famous 'Gosainkunda', are revered by the Hindus as sacred. These beautiful holy lakes add cultural dimension to the treks, luring the trekkers and the pilgims alike. During summer in the month of August a festival is held at Gosainkund, the lake dedicated to Lord Shiva- one of the Hindu holy trinity.

The charm of trekking in Langtang region remains in viewing beautiful landscape and experiencing the ways of the locals in a relatively short distance from Kathmandu.                                   

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